April 27, 2013

By TxPrincess

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The birthday of an Angel

Today 60 years ago an Angel was born,

Put on this earth for many to love and learn from,

Many knew her in her short life,

I however was given the privilege to call her Mom.

She was Mom for only 10 years,

She taught me to love,

She taught me to give,

She taught me to learn,

She taught me to be myself,

She was mine on this earth for 10 short years.

She was given her wings one glorious August Day;

After a gift was delivered from God through her.

We have felt her presence,

We have felt her love,

Then a couple of years ago it was time;

For the sadness to be no more on this day.

For a little boy was born to help ease the day.

We will never forget this Angel that watches over.

Today 60 years ago an Angel was born.

I love you Mom.