By Gypsygyrl

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Tags: love, beginnings, faith, hope

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For my inamorato for reigniting the flame within

It is hard to remember my life before you 
Back to those days that were tough to get through 
Claiming nothing was missing was clearly untrue 
I now see I was blinded by a distressed point of view 

When we collided, I was shocked to realize 
Feelings I missed now took me by surprise 
Promised love unable to get past all the lies 
Hope now appeared mysteriously before my teared eyes 

Life lacked meaning until you resurrected me 
Loneliness consumed by a world carefree 
My dreams are now filled with love’s possibility 
Like a journey ahead on an unpredictable sea 

I get lost in your gaze while you prepare to speak 
My heart melts with your sly grin of mystique 
Your strong arms draw me in, and you make my knees weak 
While to your music I listen and enjoy our hearts speak 

We savor each moment of the time we now share 
Knowing how much that we both truly care 
We are gambling on us leaving nothing to spare 
Discovering a soul mate is so incredibly rare 

Taking a breath as my life begins to transform 
My outlook on love has now been reborn 
You have awakened my heart and now keep it warm 
Together, my love, you and I can weather any storm

**I cannot ever thank my mentor Ping enough for taking me under his wing and especially for his guidance on this very heartfelt poem. You have been an incredible inspiration, friend, and mentor sharing your knowledge, laughter, patience, advice, support and ever pushing me to grow. **