Back to the Dreams

By Colors_of_the_Wind

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Tags: domestic violence awareness, dreams, escape, alcohol, hatred, love

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"Just didn't drink enough to say you love me..." Evanescence, Lithium.

He gets home,

Staggering to the bedroom,

Expects her laid out,

Ready to please him.

She is asleep,

Laying on the bed,

Escaped to dreams and hopeful happiness,

The land of love.

He shakes her,

Sending her to a new dream,

A nightmare of swinging fists,

And angry, drunken words.

She knows this place,

It is the in-between,

Between his hatred for her,

And his love for her.

The bed shakes,

Creaks with the force he uses,

Showing his dominance, his strength,

As he uses her for his sick pleasure.

Screams excite him,

Tears even more so,

He loves to see her cry,

In this in-between drunken state.

She rolls over,

He is spent and has staggered out,

He'll sleep on the couch, ignore her,

And she'll escape...

Back to the dreams.