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Good things can turn bad...

There was something amiss!

Her left hand was tingling!

Oh no! She began to panic.

Her mind was racing.


Her heart!

It must be her heart.

Damn, but it had been under a lot of stress lately.

She had taken on a lot.


She had opened it up.

She had allowed herself to be vulnerable.

To love, unconditionally.

The good and bad.


As it turned out, it became bad.

There was a distance that could not be breached.

A chasm that she could not cross.

Was not allowed to cross.


She looked down at her hand,

Noticed that it had turned blue.

This was worrying.

She rubbed the cold skin.


It was then that she saw it.

There was a band around her wrist.

Tight, constricting.

She'd forgotten she'd put it on.


It had made her so happy at first.

It meant that she belonged to him.

She was proud, happy to wear it.

But now...


Now it cut off the circulation.

It stymied her.

Constricted her.

It broke her spirit


With a concerted effort,

She dug her nails under and

Pulled the damned thing from her wrist.

It snapped, with a loud CRACK!


There was a deep mark,

From the band,

But, as she rubbed

She knew that she would heal.


As she stroked her wrist,

She was amazed to see

The colour changing,

The tingle diminishing.


It was a shame. She'd once thought

That the tingles were the best part.

Now, suddenly, she felt happy.

For she was free.