Birds Can Fly in the Rain

By Survivor

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Tags: harmony, peace, blessings, renewal

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Birds can fly in the rain,

The strong can live with pain.

Whatever may befall

One's heart can bear it all.

Losses come to the best,

Even saints have no rest.

Blessings will come again

When one allows them in.

Joy returns in its time

Without reason or rhyme.

Only wait for the hour,

Peace your life will shower.

Blessings will come to those

Whose soul is like a rose,

Blooming with true beauty,

As one did one's duty.

One can live with grieving

At the loss, the leaving

Of loved friends and others,

Siblings, fathers, mothers.

Lost to hearts forever?

No, they leave us never.

In our young one's faces

We can see the traces

Of the ones who left us,

May it always be thus.