Blackened Wings

By auburn_angel

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Tags: war, soldier, revenge, death, angel, redemption, guardian

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He fell a warrior to rise a Guardian Angel.

For all the fallen... But especially for Jer!

The warrior cried

Tears of fury

The angel came down

War torn and weary

The sound of her voice

Soothed his soul

She read in his face

His darkest goal

Weapon in hand

Purpose of stride

He moved among them

He didn't hide

Her purpose to

Protect the soldier

Who in his anger

Became a bit bolder

Focused his strength

Swallowed his pride

Prayed for mercy

Refused to hide

Her wings surrounded him

Before he fell

He smiled at her

He was ready for Hell

She chided him gently

Told him now

With his death

The Evil howls

He rose on wind

Flapped black wings

Ascended to Heaven

As Angels sing

A Guardian now

He answers the call

Comes when needed

As soldiers fall