Blame Love

By TheOriginalHybrid2

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Tags: love, heartbreak, regret, confession

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I never meant to do the things I did,

But love made me do them.

The words I said were not by my choice,

Love made me say them.


I never meant to say I quit,

But love made me surrender,

Taking that terrible hit.


I never meant to smile as I walked away,

But love made me do it,

Saying he’d only hurt you if I stay.


I never wanted to make you cry,

Love made me do it,

Saying it was better than living in a truthful lie.


Love made me force you to discard our plans,

He made me do it,

While he made music on his pots and pans.


Love made me do every terrible thing,

Saying you deserve happiness that I couldn’t bring,

He urged me to let you go, to set you free,

And smiled as he said you’ll find someone better than me.


Just know my dear I never meant to comply,

But if those things could bring you more happiness,

Lord knows I had to try.


I write these words not to make you hate me any less,

Just to let you know, I’m sorry if I made your life a bit of a mess,

Just keep these words in mind as the words that I confess:

Love made me do it.