Breakfast In Bed

By rune

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With this morning, wishing so hard it is true

The smell of toasted garlic wakes me up
Opening my eyes to the sound of your voice
A country love song you are singing along
A smile on my lips automatically alight my face
Singing again while you cook in the kitchen

As I stretch my naked body in bed you came in
Holding a tray of my favorite breakfast in hand
Coffee, orange juice, bacon, sunny side up,
Fried rice with the toasted garlic on top,
Toasted bread for you and a smile on your face

As we shared the food feeding each other
Stealing some quick sweet kiss from your lips
Rewarded with your twinkling eyes and
A naughty smile on your lips that turns to us
Laughing together playfully goofing around

In this rainy day morning together with you
Where I am not afraid of thunder and lightning
My shields I can hide in your warm embraces
Under the big blanket to cover our laughter
Kissing, frolicking, cuddles and sleeping again

That was just a beautiful dream to wake up