Broken inside

By Wilz

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Tags: broken, hurt, heartless, pain, shame, lost

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Becoming empty

Broken inside

My pain hides behind empty smiles

Nowhere to turn nowhere to go

Helpless I have become

Feeling like a walking mat

Only here as temporary relief

Once I'm used I'm thrown away

Scared to speak no one will listen

Who I am on the inside they are missing

I wanna blossom I wanna shine

The reflection in the mirror isn't mine

Positivity is key but I have the wrong lock

When the sun is shining I wait for rain

Memories are scars the unforgiving stain

Can't take it so I do my best to fake it

Stand up tall embrace the suck

It'll get better well... No such luck

Everyday seems the same 

The neglect and the abuse

Comfort comes from misery 

I wince in pain hold my head high in shame

I'd cry but can't find the tears

It's so common I made friends with my fears

I wish I was numb I wish I wasn't so dumb

Giving love to those who don't deserve it

I gave out my heart but it was deserted 

A shell I have become 

Going through the motions day and night

Who I am will never be known

My weakness were used against me 

Happiness in my life will never be known