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Your name cast on stone and skin forever through these dark currents,
through warm channels and signals humming through tunnels,
communicating the barest texture of what makes you.

My hands can follow the bindings,
coil with the roots you emerged from,
perfect and calling out to me in a language
I was still learning the calculated flow of.

You must remember where I've come from,
the dark cocoon your hands pried open
to awaken me from a deep hibernation,
a cold legacy where jealousy took these veins
and fused my bones with the silence of someone leaving.

The scrawled chapters there are only
as translated as I need them to be,
when the ink assembling them can no longer be trusted,
turns me into a villain when there is none,
nor is there a hero.

Only a collection detailing cycles we all know,
where flaws and love equally eviscerate and mend,
where every story is about two who gave what they could
and parted with what they could never bear unhanding again.

Your heart cast on flesh and earth forever through these dark cables,
through warm oceans and beacons humming through blood,
signaling the barest texture of all that I am.

Your hands can follow the stitching,
coil around the roots I will spring from,
flawed and reaching out to you in a language
I'll come to learn the primal nuances of.

You must remember where I've come from,
the shuddering chrysalis your voice shattered open
with a melody searching for a song to be tied to,
shattered a cold legacy where veins and bones
were fused with the absence of someone who
never truly knew who I was.

A story of two becoming the ripped pages
slowly fluttering to the floor,
only as torn as I need them to be when the order
assembling them can no longer tell of my heart,
and details a collection about to cycle over.

Where flaws and love are ready to hand themselves over
to one another until they can never bear to part again.

Your love cast on stone and skin forever through these dark doorways,
through warm thresholds and your presence humming
through the light nearing us now,
illuminating the truest texture of all
that you and I can be.
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