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Dark Knight Lost Soul Part Three

Dark Knight Lost Soul Part Three

on bent knee we welcome you back on the path of good

Dark Knight Lost Soul 

*please read the first two chapters

Angel Uriel and Sariel looked down on the Lost Soul

their hearts pounded from the hurt they felt coming from him

the dark souls for his master swirled around him

many souls since he gave his soul to the Dark One

his scared body belying his true age being cursed to never age

this knight trying to sleep but his acts his demons poking him

dark pits cased in red his eyes bleed his blood for tears

for this is the time of the sacred Lamb return to earth

for this is the knight's worse of times

all saints and angels look for his place of hiding

as they vie for this souls blood to send him to Hell

the Lamb calls his two Angels back to him

wake him he commands for I want to talk to him

drawing their swords they poke cutting into his chest

awake the knight sees the Lamb next to him bathed in light

come knight walk the path with me my lost soul

your time has come to rejoin the righteous

as the Lamb extended his hand angels sang songs of love

and every church bell thru out the world rang

give me your sins my son you have walked in the dark long enough

my father as I forgive your stumble for you are a man

Uriel and Sariel with folded wings walked behind the knight

the heavens opened up with piecing rays of gold

as the knight walked with the Lamb he aged as his sins fell off

the Lamb smiled and turned to Uriel and said bring forth his Angel

as the winds from the east blew there came a Angel of gold a princess

with wings of gold and rubies for a necklace it was his warrior princess

again the bells thru out the world rang once twice three tolls

take her hand the Lamb commanded to the knight

as his hand shake touching his princess his heart turned

from black stone to a deep purple hue it did turn

for her love had never left her heart for her exotic knight

bells and trumpters did blare welcoming the new knight

the Lamb called out welcome Golden Knight your journey is at the end

for you shall be with your princess for eternity


as the time of the Lamb to come to earth on his time to ascend to heaven

we christians call this Lent for he walks among us bringing love and redemption

to any lost soul willing to walk with him to eternity

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