Date with Kitty

By meredith

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Tags: humor, dating, make-up, cat

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Strange things happen when a girl isn't ready......

Picking up my gal
We're going on a date
I'm 5 minutes early
Always hate to be late.

Greets me in her housecoat
A peck, Please take a seat
Give me just a minute
She leaves in a heartbeat.

I sit on the sofa
Anticipation at last
And then I noticed
Not alone, here's her cat.

Rubbing against my legs
Warm purrs are her chants
Then I notice I have
Lots of hair on my pants.

I can just hear my gal
Prepping down the hall
Maybelline and Avon
Bit of each, bit of all.

Just dinner and dancing
Then perhaps a nightcap
Now a feline two-step
Being done in my lap.

Then I hear a crash
Something has hit the floor
A slip with girl attached
Runs to the kitchen door.

With roll of paper towels
She dashes down the hall
It'll only be a moment
Was her last distance call.

Sitting alone waiting
Only company her cat
Pirouettes and rubbing
There on the couch we sat.

This date makeup ritual
And dresses with no back
I'd take her to a Ball
Washed and in Gunny Sack

Finally she's ready
My keys let out a jingle
Wide eyed she looks at me
Oh, I forgot to tinkle!

Standing in living room
With pussy at my heels
Waltzing to and fro
Dancing the kitty reel.

I look down at her then
Pick her up in my arms
Petting this sweet lil cat
Thinking what is the harm.

Silent music now plays
While holding her tight
And this little kitty
Gets the first dance tonight.