Demons and Faces

By CKAcres

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Tags: evil, real, fantasy, musing, poetry

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Demons and faces that live inside most of us.

Me thinks, people have more than one face,
most have two, three, maybe more they chase.

One prominent, always on display for all to view,
the darker ones exhibited only for that chosen few.

Some have many more locked deep inside,
never revealing, always making them hide.

Most never want to admit, not even to themselves.
These others exist, perching them on dusty shelves.

Once in a while one will escape, its presence being noticed.
Battles ensue deep within, until one again becomes focused.

The darkest ones are nasty, evil, menacing, diminutive elves,
appearing without notice, taking control in spite of ourselves.

Struggles between real and fantasy, takes its toll.
Wrecking havoc with ones body, mind and soul.

Then the well-known face once again regains control.
Taking charge once more, so others can see him whole.

Demons put back into the vault, locked away, kept safe and sound.
Hopefully never to appear again, incarcerated and eternally bound.