Desert Dreaming

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, etheree poem, desert theme, nostalgia

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Sands shifting
As the wind blows
The grains into dunes
Drifting across the land. 
Sighing xerophytic dreams
Creating quartzite pyramids
And robust succulent greenery 
Singing adagios as chaste yuccas.

Faint visions of fading vistas renew
Ancient empathies one final time 
Seeking to eclipse the aching,
The feeling that remembers
The loss of joyous faith
Engendered in youth
But still endowed
By ones trust
To love

Lives here
In your heart,
Your holy path.
Winding ever more
To the brilliant life light
Beaming so deep in her eyes.
Boundless exuberance and glee.
Dancing with exaltation and pride.
So, fully fathoms down, a love lives on.

Both lives complete in scented environs.
Flourishing still in the vale of death.
Embracing together for warmth,
And testing our souls in tears
That water saline soils
Until fruit will fall. 
In tender growth
Gaia blooms.
True love