Dream Man

By TaliaRussell

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Tags: love, relationships, companion, soul, mate, happiness

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Don't wake me

Shatter my illusions
Trample on my dreams
Show me that the you I see
Is not a real being

Be a thoughtless dullard
An egotistic cad
Be the one about whom I
Was warned of by my dad

Break my heart in pieces
Utter only lies
Cheat and flirt behind my back
While I sit home and cry

Instead you are a wonder
An ongoing delight
Supportive, entertaining
Adoring, sexy, bright

You’re there each time I need you
You bear my lashing out
Your smile is oh, so telling
Whenever I’m around

You’ve changed my way of thinking
That no one is right for me
And now my only problem is
I’ll never want to leave.