Dusty Sunlit Swirls

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, prose poem, romance, scenic, love, memory, barn, prairie

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Once upon the prairie

So far away the prairies range my love
The vistas
And the memories
As well

We pause our gaze in recognition now
Because we passed this way once long ago

And in a hollow rests the storied barn 
Its shadows touched
With dusty sunlit swirls

Your hand is resting on my leg my love
Your dreamy eyes are crinkled 
In a smile

As both of us recall our visit here
Down by the scoured channel's mossy damp

Just recently the fires
Were burning bright
The charring of the grass turned landscapes black

And crimson flickering flames devoured the grass
Before the countryside was greened
Once more

Such stunning landscapes with an emerald bright
That glowed as did your eyes when first we met

We hold our hands and stroll along the lane
Remember phantoms 'neath the creaking eaves

We laugh recalling just how fun it was
Exploring all the secrets
Of the plains

And feeling gentle love

It has to be well sought with seeking hands
The touch
You know so well my love

My love

So hold my fingertips within your palms
And feel the moisture passion often brings
The warmth
That only true love deigns
To give

The kiss of everlasting love is joined

We glide to future ardors in the night
We seek the consummation
And delight

Saluting with our smiles the shadowed barn
That holds the dusty sunlit swirls of love