By meredith

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The elixir of life as we know it......

I wake in the morning
And rouse out from my bed
Visions of yesterday
Still dancing in my head.

Down the hall, I do walk
Trying not to stumble
Thoughts and words come to me
They're all in a jumble.

To that place in the house
Finally make my way
Tis here that I begin
The dawn of brand new day.

There I push a button
Magic elixir you see
I need you so badly
Just to return to me.

It is not in a rush
It takes its time to cook
It takes eternity
Perhaps to read a book.

It hisses and spurts out
Brewing from cursed bean
Steaming water flows down
A hot black brown is seen.

Flowing into carafe
Like a molten lava
I stand there and wait there
All I want is java.

Please do hurry it up
The is no time to waste
I just need a little
All I need is a taste

Finally finished done
Pour a cup just for me
Thank God to whomever
Thought of morning Coffee.