Escape the Plague

By Colors_of_the_Wind

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Tags: emotions, plague, poe, prospero, escape, break, spring, school, worry, etcetera

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But until then... give her a break.

She's so ready for Spring Break,

so very ready to have... 

a week, 

she thinks, 



and away from school, 

and pressure, 

and overly emotional moments in one particular classroom.

Away from worry,

and fear,

and pain,

and anger,

and everything else,

everything else that seems to pop up.

Maybe she'll stay off the web too,

just speak with select people,

stay away from everyone else,

avoid it all,

emotions are a plague,

and she's running from it-

like Prospero in the Masque of the Red Death.

She'll fail like him,

she knows she will,

the plague will catch her,

because all breaks come to an