Fade Away

By Living_A_Horror

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Tags: depression, sadness, fade, darkness

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I was always scared 


I never knew what direction to go in


Fearing what lies ahead and how someone would treat me 


Scared of love and passion 


It could be from past experiences 


Well it is from past experiences but I hate to admit that 


I’d like to say I’m strong, that I don’t let it bother me 


Truth is, I’ve missed out on plenty of relationships due to it 


Truth is, I’ve been so distant in the ones I do have, that I pushed them away 


I have trust issues and I know it’s a bad thing, but can you blame me 


It wasn’t easy getting here to where I am


It won’t be easy to get to where I will be 


And one day, someday, I’ll be able to love and be loved 


I’ll be able to hold someone without being scared that they’ll hurt me 


I’ll be able to trust and not worry 


I see it in the future, now it’s just my choice to run for it, or let it fade away