By Nox

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I hope it's creepy enough

You know that feeling creeping up your spine?

Cold, wet, shivering, like drinking brine?

It makes you weak and buckles your knees,

Filled with dread and trying to flee.

Walk down the hall almost pitch black,

Too scared to run, not daring to look back.

What is that sound? A creak; a groan.

Neither are yours, you're not alone.

No one to help you or hold your hand,

What do they want? What do they have planned?

Air filled with dread; thick and oppressive,

The doors; the walls keeping you captive.

One way out, a glimmer of hope,

Must go ahead, fight to cope,

With the fear in your belly, 

And legs turning to jelly.

Creeping forward, one step at a time.

"BONG BING", the clock starts to chime.

Midnight cries out; the shadows can walk,

Coming for you; you hear them talk.

A scritch; a scratch, a scream from your lungs,

The creatures wail; speaking in tongues.

Soon it is over, your breath, has past.

Your fear I wanted, a feast at last.