female soldiers

By poetlou

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giving credit where credit is due

Female Soldiers

they are soldiers fighting a war
across the ocean,
but their hearts are at home
seeking love and devotion.
love from our country,
devotion from their family.
that is all that they need.

they joined the military to
fight for what they believe
to defend from foes, seen and unseen
in their hearts we are the greatest nation
from the farmlands to the greatest plantations.

it does not matter if they're black or white
they will never give up freedoms fight.
we have people here from every nation
fighting for Americas salvation

women have been the backbone in every war
death they've seen by the score.
the plains Indian women who fought
alongside their men
it became a common trend.

Joan of arc- who lifted the siege
in only nine days
the greatest role a woman could portray.

the uniform does not necessarily
make her a soldier, but her heart
and strength that make her bolder.
bold enough to cover your back
and pick up all the slack

she will always be there in command
and pick up the rifle from the sand
she will do whatever she must
for in her you put your trust.

she is the female soldier, she stood her ground
of that we should all be proud.

give credit where credit is due
this is what I say to you.

Louis rams