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So, you want to put your fists up to me and fight?

I have no problem fighting you, but perhaps you should know

That my fists will never tire and I will make you bleed.

You believe your male superiority is the only weapon needed.


But I am made of lava and steel and I am the strongest person you've never met.

So come closer so I can throw the first punch.

I won't have restraint once started.

My reflexes are faster than yours, pretty boy and as much as I'd like, I won't knock you out on my first punch.


You think you can fight me and I'm saying it won't be fair to you.

I don't get tired and just because I am a woman doesn't automatically mean you'll win.

While you have skeletons in your creepy closet, I have an army of people I've fought.

I survived them all, and my blood still boils.


I can run and catch you, sit on you, make you beg for your mother.

Don't ever underestimate me, that's your mistake.

For you believing I am weak, no pretty boy, I've never been weak.

You're all talk, with nothing to back it up.


You should see my record, for everything wasn't handed to me like candy to a toddler.

So many people, dead six feet under, in hell, I am waiting to see them again.

I want to fight them too, the way I couldn't before I got all of my fire.

So come spar with me before you tire and my punches that will rain down on you like your sweet tears will taste on my lips.

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