Finally at Peace

By insomniac_00

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Tags: peace, death, fear, anger, hate, lies

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There was a girl,

So far down in a deep dark hole.

The blackness all around her suffocated her.

All she could think about was what it would be like to die.

Little did she know,

She was already dead inside.

Every bone, every cell,

Every fiber in her body was cold,


She could see pictures of her everyone she knew.

They all surrounded her,

Taunting her.

"Why are they so happy?"

"Why can't I be like that?"

Then the answer appeared in front of her,

The man that caused all her problems in life,

The man that made her dig this hole she sat in,

Day and night,

Stood in front of her,

And lied through his teeth once again,

"I love you."

Those three words, 

Those three damn words that she couldn't even bear to hear anymore!

How could this be love?

How could you do this to someone you "love"?
She starts screaming and hitting him.

Every horrible nightmare that she has had of him flashes through her brain,

like the flickering flames of a fire.

The burning build up of anger filled her stomach.

It rose to her throat.

She finally let out a loud,

Raging scream.

Then he was gone.

She sunk back into the cold,

hard floor.

Quivering with anger and fear,

and hate.

Crying once again,

And with her last breath she breathed out,

"When will I be free?" 

As she slowly,

Ever so slowly,

Closed her eyes.

And she was Finally Free.