Fire of Love

By CKAcres

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Tags: eyes, heart, soul, spirit, dance, fire

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One's heart knows things that the mind can't understand.

Their eyes met,
she recognized his soul.

Giving an impious wink,
she turned away.

Igniting a spark,
deep in his licentious spirit.

Knowing that moment,
they were meant to dance.

An inferno of desire consumed him,
he sauntered across the floor.

Making his way toward her,
blinded by her splendor.

Glancing over her shoulder,
sensing his advance.

Touching her bare arm,
he felt her tremble.

Speaking almost sympathetically,
"Are you alone, would you like to dance?"

She couldn't speak,
placing her hand on his.

Unspoken words understood,
spinning her into his arms.

Two bodies connect,
melting in concert.

Consuming the room,
twin flames set ablaze.