Friends, Good Friends

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, love poem, prose poem

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She knows I am always here for her
When she has had too much and needs me

Needs what only I can give
It would seem

What I am always prepared to give

She knows
We cannot be together
As a couple 

That would never do

Could never be

But I am here for her
When she needs me

We have promises to keep
And people with whom 
We must be
But I am always here for her

Good friends
And so much more

Much more than perhaps we should be

But I am here to fill her needs
To wash away her pain
And be what she needs me to be

And she will be there for me
A friend
Good friends we both will be

So whatever the outcome
She knows
That I will be the man 
That will always be here

When she needs me