Gitter Girl

By gillianleeza

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Love My Glitter Girl

Glitter girl, you came into my life at just the perfect time
You make me laugh, forget my problems and show me the day
I know you're popular around these parts, but what we have is mine
Weird exploring, picture choices, your are the sunshine to my ray

Messages sent and received, each a delight, a puzzle, exploring your brain
What goes on in there? You've given me just a small glimpse and a taste
Glitter follows, you leave a trail of it as you go. I think you make glitter rain
Reassuring me that I am not alone in my crazy day struggles, I'm not a waste

Stay, we'll explore and find more rabbits with watches and such
Purple makeup, we look fine, for a night on the town or just hanging out
Let's not forget to get our eyebrows done and pick the right clothes, but not too much
We'll have a great time, I'll get to give you that hug, arms around each, no doubt

I have your back and won't forgive those who hurt or make you sad
Your pain and mine, entwined, twisted together, entangled by fate
So many days left to share, joke, explore our lives. We're both quite mad
Just stay if you need to vent, share or bitch. I'll be here, although probably late

Where have you been all my life? My crazy, lovely, kindhearted mate to my soul
Understanding my ramblings, your musings, we can remember or forget if we choose
 I have found a such similar wacky girl to share my thoughts, no judging is how we roll
If we stick together no one can stop us or pry us away, you and me as one, how can we lose