Giving Up

By Survivor

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Tags: prose poetry

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It is never going to happen.
Believe it.
It is not going to happen.

How long are you going to yearn.
You have wasted so much time.
They don't care.
They never really cared.
They let you think they did,
but they didn't. 

Never going to happen.

You are standing outside,
in the pouring rain,

But being soaked by the rejection,
and it will never happen.

Not sure if they even rejected you, 
or simply don't recognize you.

Don't even know you exist;
not on their radar,

But still,
not known,
and not accepted
as someone to really care about,
or care for.

You can handle it,
because it is done all the time,
and you are a winner.

Yes, a winner,
even if you don't win them.

Forget it.

Giving up is no crime.
No crime,
and you should move on
to better times to come,
and better loves to accept
into your life.

Just give up,
because there is no shame, 
and no need to become sad.

don't be sad.

You are alright.
You will be alright.
We will be alright.
All of us will be alright.

Move on towards a new relationship,
on the horizon,
there to be discovered,
and there to be welcomed in.

You will be welcomed in somewhere,
because you will find that someone,
the one, among the many,
who will find you,
and know you are
their treasure.