Goodbye Dixie

By Buz_Bono

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Tags: love, passion, loss

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A poem of what was and will never be.

You were the prettiest face,
had the voice of an angel.
Your laugh lit up the day, 
your smile owned my heart.

When first I saw you, 
hypnotized in your grace, 
lost in your big blue eyes, 
I knew it would be you.

Was it your innocent charm? 
Dressed for church all fine 
with a magnolia in your hair, 
all I could do was stare.

Your sweet precious voice 
that mesmerized the boys, 
set my heart ablaze, 
sizzled deep into my soul.

Your eyes caught mine 
and never looked away. 
Your smile stole my heart, 
you changed me forever.

Once you were my true love, 
my heart was all yours. 
Dixie, you were my sunshine, 
you were breath to my soul.

Lying in a peach orchard, 
you first made love to me. 
Your kisses like fine wine, 
your love passion unleashed.

Being with you was heaven. 
I thought it would never end, 
but you had bigger dreams 
and had to spread your wings.

Your destiny was to go. 
Small town, small dreams 
could not contain your spirit. 
The horizon called your name.

Your heart was restless, 
stirring for the dawn, 
seeking the sunset, 
innocent but untamed.

I think I always knew 
I’d never be able to keep you. 
Like a bird you had to fly free, 
on the winds you soared.

But a piece of you stayed, 
still here living in my heart. 
And when I eat a peach 
I can still taste your love.

Precious dreams never die, 
your voice still sings in my soul. 
Down in the land of cotton 
you’ll never be forgotten.

I always wondered why 
you never said goodbye. 
Goodbye, Dixie, Goodbye 
Now at dawn it’s time to fly.

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