By TearsOfAnAngel

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Tags: Poetry, Crime, Revenge.

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He came to me tonight, and told me what you did,
He told me that you hurt him, and exactly what you did.
He tried to calm me down, but knew it was pointless,
Because what I was going to do to you, was make you worthless.

You are already worthless in my eyes,
And nothing but a cheating fucking whore in my eyes.
I hate bitches like you, who think that because they have the perfect body,
They can go around being fucking whores and selling their damn body.

He fucking loved you, couldn't you fucking see that?
He would have given everything to you, how could you not see that?
Now you are alone and you have no one to fucking blame but yourself,
Now I am going to make you feel even worse about yourself.

You think you want to die now,
You think you hate yourself now,
Just wait till I am done with you,
Wait till I have my way with you.

Coming to you in the middle of the night,
Knowing the only safe time to do this is late at night.
No one is around to stop me from ending your life,
No one is around to help you save your life.

Sliding a nice sharp knife across your pretty little face,
Now who is going to want to see such a scarred up face?
Stabbing you all over your body,
No longer a perfect little body.

A kick here, and a kick there,
A stab here and a stab there.
Are you ready to say goodbye?
Look, there is no one here to say goodbye.

Pulling my gun from my jeans,
Taking the bullet out of my pocket in my jeans,
I point the gun straight to your head,
And with that, the bullet goes through your fucking head.