Halloween: A Cats Eye View

By Davidpendragon1

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Venture out on Halloween if YOU DARE!!

A group of twelve strangers, RAP, RAP at the door,

disturbs my comfortable snooze on the floor.

My mistress sweeps through dragging her gown,

a tall pointed hat fits tight on her crown.

With a rattle of broomsticks the cackling coven,

place a large cauldron on top of the oven.

As I peek with one eye, a three legged toad,

was placed in the microwave, and made to explode.

A tail of a dog and the ears of a bat,

were put in the cauldron along with a rat.

All brought to a simmer with the blood of a goat,

a can of baked beans and the brains of a stoat.

I crept under the table where all thirteen,

ate the vile stew, all plates were licked clean.

The Thunder was Clapping, the Lightning was Forked,

a bottle of bats blood, with a POP! was uncorked.

Glasses were raised to toast Halloween,

all witches faces, turned a pale shade of green.

A claw-like hand clutched my black tail,

pulled me from under the table….I fought tooth and nail;

I was tied by a bungy strap to the end of a broom,

then placed with the others at the end of the room.

With a creak of the door and a screech of an owl,

the witches and I left the hovel so foul.

My broomstick was mounted with me tied on tight,

all engines were started, all broomsticks took flight.

We soared through the dark-skies till morning had broken,

when the early dawn chorus, with birdsong had spoken.

My mistress then ‘Power-Dressed’, her black suit so sinister,

went off to work, as a Government Minister.