Happy Birthday Bestie

By mysteria27

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Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday my sweet friend
Your friendship means the world to me
You really are a godsend
I’m filled with happiness and glee

Every day we chat and talk together
We share our lives each day
Happy days or stormy weather
Today I wish you a Happy Birthday

If we were closer, we’d have a drink
I might take you to lunch or dinner
I’d make a toast and we’d clink
During our meals we’d listen to a singer

Perhaps I’d take you to a show
I know you enjoy the theater
Later we’d have a glass of Bordeaux
Or maybe we’d listen to a poetry reader

Crumb cake, cupcakes how about a cheesecake
And lots of presents for you
I’ll also bring you a fruit cake
I would do this out of the blue

I hope you have a wonderful day
May you have good health too
I hand you a wonderful bouquet
Our friendship is quite true

Happy Birthday wishes
Sending you a hug
Now come the kisses
A nice cold beer in a mug