By Survivor

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Hidden from others view
Secrets sweetly sublime
Visions shining brightly
Glowing within his heart

No one knew about her
Filling a yearning ache
Tinging his lacking life
Subtly filling his needsĀ 

Still recalling her voice
Never forgetting the tone
Joyous ways they enmeshed
Thinking thoughts so alike

Smiling as they grew close
With every passing day
Finding more to be loved
Sharing all that they felt

Concealed deep emotions
Forbidden feelings shown
Both were deeply discrete
Stoked by fiery response

Lilting words impassioned
Flowed from quavering lips
Lending words unspoken
Confirming happiness

Passing off affections
They were separated
Leaving off the shaming
Neither need take the blame

Heartfelt expectations
Disappeared in the mist
Lost were his illusions
Gone but not forgotten

Time would still continue
Memories last forever
Ever more she'll be there
Even though she's hidden