Holding hands

By ShamelessFlirt

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Sunrise or sunset, blue skies or rain
one thing will always be true
I simply want to be able 
to hold hands with you

There will always be time for passionate kisses
and gazing deep into your eyes
but nothing can replace the intimacy
of walking hand-in-hand, together through our lives

It's not quite holding you close
but it certainly strengthens our connection
our fingers laced together
a testament to our affection

So take my hand in yours 
walk with me for a while
all of our dreams 
reflected in your smile

Bare your soul 
and I'll bare mine
we can cement our bond 
till the end of time 

Our love is more eternal than death
and if I were to try to find the words starting now, till my dying breath
it still wouldn't be enough time to tell you all you mean to me
every time I close my eyes, my hear cries your name, silently

You've become so much a part of my life 
the lines are blurred where I end and you begin
holding hands is just the start 
of what happens when love is so freely given