Hopeless Flight

By rolandlytle

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Tags: fear, hopelessness, pursued, no escape, poetry

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Hopelessly pursued by the unstoppable.

I’m running, fleeing in fear. It hunts, it stalks, and it’s relentless.

Not machine, beast or man. Alone I face it.

I can’t hide. No armor or fortress is protection.

No bullet or blade can harm it. It will not die.

I’m its victim, its prey. It comes in darkness or light.

It hungers to feast on me. It devours my heart, mind, and soul.

Hiding is hopeless. Evasion is doomed. I weep knowing its assault is just.

It’s my greatest asset and darkest bane. I need it to guide and punish.

I’m its prisoner for eternity.

It’s my conscience.