“How Many Tears Will It Take”

By kandikiss51

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Tags: abuse, letting go, new passion

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Please God help me, and mend my broken heart!

I thought our love would be infinite past the end of time.

I loved you with my whole being and that wasn’t enough.

We tried and said; maybe we could do more next time.

However, fate dealt us a losing hand and it was rough.

I ask myself how may tears will it take before I forget.

Your tender kiss and the way we made love to each other.

I see your face in everything I do; it’s so hard to forget.

But there is no us and I must move on and find another.

I prayed to God, “Please help and mend my broken heart.”

Help me dry my tear and find a way for me to love again.

He took my hand in his and tranquility overtook my heart.

He then led me to you and gave me a reason to love again.

There will be no more tears when I lay myself down tonight.

God’s love guided me to you and I can feel your love for me.

My heart is healing and I know everything will be all right.

Because when you kiss me, it ignites the passion within me.