Hurt Beyond Repair

By mysteria27

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I can never talk to you

You tell me you'll change
Each month it’s the same shit
Your behavior is beyond strange
I really wish we could quit

You never have any time for me
You 'yes' me to death
I wish I could leave you and be free
I really need to catch my breath

I’m so done with being sad
I’m tired of screaming on the phone
I’m hurt and feeling bad
I detest your mean tone

You treat me like dirt
Every month it’s another excuse
I’m now beyond hurt
This is mental abuse

Sell that business now
And get rid of that lease
It’s no longer a cash cow
This will bring calm and peace

I really don’t care any more
I'm shutting you out
This is not what I asked for
All I do is cry and pout

You better fix this
This is our life
This is not happy bliss
I’m your pissed off wife