Hylas and the Nymphs

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, sonnet, mythology

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Their cunning voices coyly soothed his fear.
Their whispers damp and cool, a subtle treat. 
They tempted him with pledges, in each ear,
To sate his every bliss, most welcomed feat.

The charms of ageless beauty drew him nigh.
Pervasive sparkling visions swelled his dreams.
Soft dainty fingers stroked, eyes meet his eye,
Lest he resist such sweet seductive schemes.

They trusted he would not withstand desire,
Each nymph beguiling with persistent wile. 
Entrancing, beauteous rapture did transpire
As each shy maiden craved him in her style.

He was not seen again, forevermore,
When he met artful passion on that shore.