If I Had Free Reign Of Your Credit Card

By mysteria27

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This is what I'd do if you left me your credit card.

I'd love to go on vacation
I want to see Hawaii please
To celebrate many celebrations
To feel a nice warm breeze

I'd love to see Koko Head Crater
And enjoy a peaceful sunset
Swim in a secluded beach later
It would be beautiful I bet

A trip to swim with the dolphins
I'd really like to do that
That would jolt my endorphin's
They'd be pretty to look at

A cruise to watch a whale watch
Would really be divine
You could have a scotch
I'd have a glass of wine

We'd have to see a volcano
Take a helicopter ride
See an active volcano inferno
Imagine looking inside

We'd have to see the hula girls
Perform at a luau
Love to see them twirl
Only if time did allow

These are the things I'd love
If I had your credit card for a day
These are the things I can think of
I'd plan this vacation getaway