In Praise of Evil

By rantingsenior

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Tags: poetry, evil, darkness, suffering

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A poem that celebrates the darkness with alternate endings, choice left to the reader.

I care not if the sky burns red and human flesh is seared.
I care not if all souls just rot as many long have feared.

I wait for when the birds don’t fly and locusts take the grain.
I hope the fertile soil turns red from poisoned acid rain.

I dream to see the lakes all boil and swollen throats be dry.
I rejoice when the hopes and dreams of good men fade and die.

I laugh when fearful citizens are slaughtered just like sheep!
I smile if orphaned children walk alone as they all weep.

My mood is brightened as the world becomes an ugly place!
I thrill while watching the destruction of the human race!

For I am he who loves the dark, and thrives on others’ pain.
The misery of all that are is my most cherished gain.

I am the Prince of Darkness, I revel in agony.
A world of fear and suffering will set my spirit free!

Alternate last verse:

I am the Prince of Darkness for whom evil will suffice!
I hope it’s pretty clear by now that I’m not very nice.