In Your Arms

By billybroadband

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Tags: loss, love, hope

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The world had become an awful place 
kicking me in the gut, day after day 
more bad news was the daily routine 
Doctors and nurses had little to say

Bitter and broken when it was done 
I thought sadness was my new way of life 
My status quo an empty existence 
a future without my dear wife

The day you and I shared our first embrace 
comfort flowed to me easy and pleasing 
Your care and concern were so genuine
I felt the pain in me finally easing

In your arms I found my way again 
though at times I am heavy with guilt 
How can I love like this so soon after? 
Was I forgetting the marriage we built?

In your arms I feel cared for and welcome 
You soothe the ache I have, and the loss 
You have a voice that helps mend the sadness 
You give me back the smiles I had lost

In your arms I find strength and love again 
I have hope, purpose and intent 
You need me as much as I need you
It feels at times as though you were sent

In your arms I feel your tender sigh
I listen and I can hear you breathe 
In silence I stroke your skin lightly
you whisper to me, “Just don’t leave.”

In your arms I have found a brand new life 
with a lover I might never have met 
We face challenges as all people must 
but love has not let us down yet.