Jazz Square

By Survivor

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Tags: poetry, dance, theater

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Put on jazz shoes, do a jazz square, 
it's time to start making a move.

No worries now that it's over;
you gotta get back in the groove.

Never forget what you've been through,
but never regret what you lost.

Remember to send those good vibes, 
no need to be counting the cost.

Folks were missing your show biz ways,
and wondered just where you had gone.

Act like an actor, dance and sing,
show them you will always be on.

No one needs to know what or why,
we all have our bumps in the road.

Look to the future, trust you'll win;
carry on still bearing your load.

Your feet should move to a new beat;
so start dancing in a new way.

Learning the steps for a showcase
will usher in a hit today.

The show must go on, so they say;
life is best when it's lived, it's true.

When doing a simple jazz square,
don't forget, do some jazz hands too.