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Kill The Rat!

When common ground cannot be found...(not to be taken too seriously...!).

Now I'm a pacifist you see
Peace and love and mungbeans for me
But on the night you came to stay
Things shifted...

I left the room with dinner in hand
A relaxing evening I had planned
But returning to the kitchen
I grew livid.

As bold as brass you munched away
On potatos left sitting on a plate
And as you casually looked up at me
I wondered...

Could I grab your tail and toss you outside
Or yell at you and give you a fright
But as I pondered your ending
You absconded.

Off to bed I took myself
The kitchen benches wiped, dishes on the shelf
But around the hour of midnight
I awoke...

The scurrying feet, a squeaking voice
I had to look, I had no choice
And as I stood in the fluro light
I choked.

The rubbish fallen across the tiles
The pellets strewn for what seemed like miles
I felt the fury rising
And I resolved...

This is war, you've made it start
You have brought murder to my Heart
It's my house, you're not welcome,
You've been told.

Sleep abandoned, I paced the floor
I swore revenge, I set my jaw
When dawn finally broke
I had my battle plan...

And so the madness did begin
I developed a maniacal grin
I knew your days were numbered
My ideas were grand.

I laid down traps and planted baits
But to my horror you avoided this fate
And morning after morning
Destruction reigned...

I couldn't sleep, became obsessed
The rest of my life became a mess
And finally I knew
Clarity came.

And as I crouched behind the trees
I smelt the jasmine and felt the breeze
And pushed down on the button
Victory was close...

My bones did rattle as the house blew up
But I felt that nothing could interrupt
The adrenaline coursing through me
Then I froze.

A small grey figure climbed over the rubble
Leaping around without any trouble
And pausing in its' travels
It looked over...

Our eyes connected and I kid you not
I swear it laughed as it found a spot
To sit amongst the chaos
And to savour.

A piece of potato it held in its' paws
I watched as it disappeared into its' jaws
And falling to my knees
I realised...

There'd never been a single chance
For the rat was a Master and had known at a glance
That I would come undone
It was no surprise.

So the lesson of this tale is that
If you ever tangle with a rat
Before you go any further
Take a moment...

Remember me in my disturbed state
And know that for you it's not to late
You don't have to lose it all
To a wily rodent!
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than storiesspace.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This story is an original work by Ann Marina Kathleen Weeks, and if you wish to copy it, print it, download it or in any other way use it, (other than quoting it, whilst referencing me as the source), you'll need to ask my permission! Yes, that means you!

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