Lady Time

By chris2011

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Tags: poem, friend, lady, time

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About a younger Lady

I call her Lady.
That is what she is and will be.
And time.
What is time?
It is the difference between us.
A number.
A perception.
It does not exist when we are talking.

My heart beats faster as my mind finds her in my crowded thoughts.
I would have loved to meet her in my past.
In the present I am spoken for but it’s complicated.
I am her online friend.
But my emotions betray me.
Drawn back to feelings that I thought were not possible anymore...

There is a battle raging inside me.
Logic versus emotions.
One tells me it’s a mid life crisis coupled with marital failure.
My emotions for this Lady are like refreshing water downstream.
Logic is swimming against this current.

Her words have formed and image.
Like a flickering flame in my heart.
It may burn out in time or burn brighter.
I have seen this Lady only through her typed words.
It is my avatar to enter into her world.