Lady Vodka (Poem 7 Of Many)

By Circle_Something

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Tags: vodka, lady, burn, longing, desire

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I miss you...

My Lady, I’m missing you,
That burn, the lasting finish.
The way the bottle opens
*Crack*, it goes, *glug*,
Out pours my Lady.

My nostrils take you in,
I inhale deeply, I feel that burn,
My eyes water a little.
My lips rest on the edge of the glass,
Nose deeply embedded.

The first sip is a slow one,
I let you linger and you burn,
Slowly I swallow.

You start in the back of my mouth,
Slowly slide down my throat,
A fire spreads through my chest,
Down my belly,
I feel the burn in my cheeks,
Everywhere from top to toe.

I’m missing you, Lady Vodka,
One day, I shall have you again.
Until then, I have my memories,
Wait for me, my Lady!