Late Night Drive

By Sicarium

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Tags: drive, release, inner peace, escape

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A late night drive, what I need,
a chance to embrace the speed,
No cash or slips on the line,
just me riding the redline

An open road, just two lanes,
leave behind the dulling pains
Nothing near but trees and hills,
it's time for some full speed thrills

Let her growl, wake the V8,
hammer down hard on the straight
One hundred and thirty five,
this is what I call a drive

Corners coming, full of joys,
tires soon to be smoke and noise
Tail out with opposite lock,
this melody is my Bach

Repeat it all, the time flies,
until bald tires are my prize
Not a single soul around,
while I am free and unbound

A tank of gas, gone too soon,
underneath a setting moon
A night time drive to release,
how I find my inner peace