Let Me See if I Still Can

By Anulal

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Tags: gauri lankesh, intolerance, freedom, expression

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This poem is inspired by fear of being silenced by our own silence.

Let me see if I still can,

Utter my words the old-fashioned way

Write my stories at the old desk

Speak my language

Eat my own food

Drink when I want

Sleep when I want

Engage any ideology for the heck of it

Love until my limbs ache

Cry until morning

Wake up in the middle of night

And scribble down my feelings

Dance and do what I

Cannot imagine anymore, neat on the streets,

Early in the morning,

With a cup of water,

Hunched with a pleasant face

Between my knees

And still…

And still…

Not being shot on the forehead.

Let me see if I still__