Lifeless Stencils

By Isadora

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Tags: life, wonder, emotion, light, darkness

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A window that yearns for a ray of light

A pitiful act, a devious plan
The play of the mind, a simple question
Where to be now, at this moment?

It seems like something odd or naive, maybe
Yet that thought drives dreams and create nightmares
Lightness that thrives and darkness that pierces the soul

How to choose where to be at this given moment?
What the heart craves buries the common sense
Steps lead into the unknown, the wanted and despised

A room full of emptiness, shadows that haunt
A window covered with tears of lost emotion
Expressions drawn with lifeless stencils

Where to turn, what to do, who to seek?
The colors that call out or the deep black that pulls
This is not where I should be

Life is grand, it is a gift
One should inhale with passion
Each day is a chance to renew

Breathe I was told once a while ago
I gasped, closing my eyes, opening my lungs
And savored this, an amazing wonder

My life, a chance to be who I am,
This I desire, I wish, I want to learn
How to trace my days without a handmade pattern