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Love Lock

"A symbol of love"
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Been looking through your albums, of photos old and new.
So many loving memories, of good times shared with you. 

All those precious moments, and flashbacks through the years.
I’ve studied each one carefully, I even shed some tears. 

I wanted something different, with your birthday drawing near.
Not take another snapshot, like every other year.

Don’t need another photograph, that no one else will see.
I’ve locked a lover’s padlock, to the railings by the quay.

The lock is there for all to see, and everyone will know.
The memories that I cherish, and the feelings that I show. 

To symbolise the love we share, our love will never falter.
I took the keys and closed my eyes, then threw them in the water. 

Those keys they know the secret, of what lies within my heart.
And while that padlock’s on that rail, I know we’ll never part.


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