Love's Shadow

By hayley

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Tags: love, lover's tryst, secret

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Love is but a shadow
In the shadow of evening

Where sunlight sinks 
In reflecting silver 
Of moon and stars 
Their light 
A beacon for Lovers 
To begin

Are you her? 
She who follows 
Through cloister hall passage 
To my door? 
Not a knocking enter 
Just a knowing glance 
Drawn in by our fire 
No words

Eyes greet 
My blush grows brighter 
Than the candle's flame 
Reflecting on my young breasts 
A finger light on lips 
Makes me silent 
There are no words for this 
Just half moaned sighs 
And pleasure's touch

It is you! 
Only you lift my yearning 
From its dreaming 
To unimagined reality 
Only you breathe life 
To the cascading torrents 
Of love

The night brings forth 
Strange sounds 
None louder 
Than my screaming heartbeat 
My soul searches for you 
In its longing

Tonight will pass 
So slowly 
I will it so! 
Yet morning breaks 
Too early 
And you will leave me 
Until when?

Soft morning light 
Dances gold across your skin 
Your shadow breathes 
Then brushes its leaving 
Soft fingers again 
Silence my thoughts 
Your lips soft kiss goodbye 
No words 
Yet a sigh

You are gone