Loves Woeful Demise

By bella685

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Tags: love, indifference, crying, relationship, compromise

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Those in love do things they wouldn't normally do;
If you need proof take a look at all that she did solely for you; 

You promised your devotion and left nothing to doubt; 
But actions speak louder than words and yours were far from a shout;

The emotion it seemed easiest for you to openly show; 
Was the indifference you displayed when your love ceased to flow; 

She tried all that she could to get through to you; 
But you'd given up on your love and then you withdrew; 

As she lie trembling and crying and falling apart; 
You sat impassively watching with your crass, frigid heart;

Your love may've worked if there'd been compromise; 
But there wasn't so its outcome was its woeful demise.